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At david media solutions we know you don’t have the time and resources to market your business online and that’s why we do it for you. We take a three-pronged approach that consists of both conventional and unconventional ideas, concepts
and strategies: * Power of Synergy (POS) * Conceptional Marketing * Collective Achievement

Connecting the Dots

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Whether you're seeking a Local - Regional - National or Global Presence

Advanced Technology

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Staying one step ahead of the competition by insuring your website format and marketing strategy meets all current and is ready for the newest tech-format for the future without a blink or hiccup...

Additional Services

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Graphic Design - Logo Development - Branding - Professional Photography and Videography - Drone Photography - Brochures - Business Cards - Consulting - Marketing Plans Developed - Research - Apps - Client IT Services

WEBSITE DESIGN- david media solutions



At david media solutions we strive to maximize your Internet presence.  Your short or long term business strategy is considered prior to the design of your new custom website.  When you think about it, why would you have someone design a website without knowing the ins and outs of your business and your short and or long term objectives. At david media solutions asking and appropriating the best information from you, is our responsibility.  Let david media solutions create the best strategic website for your business’s unique targeted demo-Geo-graphical market.

david media solutions has an in-house staff of professional graphic designers, photographers, content writers and social media experts. That aside from unparalleled support and website maintenance services offered by anyone else in the industry. Our Admin staff includes (53+) years of Internet and conventional marketing experience working with businesses in rural and urban markets. Our (3) member team in Marketing assists you in saving cost with regards to current advertising by maximizing your New Internet Presence through your website. david media solutions focuses on User friendliness, functionality, Creative and marketability of your new website.

Whether you're having your first website or a new website built, the stress of filing, purchasing and choosing the right Domain name registrar, Web-Hosting service, Email client and Data server host can be time consuming, and challenging for even a seasoned I.T. veteran.  Not to worry, david media solutions will either assist you and or complete each of the above tasks relative to the final publishing and launching of your new website.

Ready to Publish:
Ready to Publish and Launch your site: when your website content, layout and the above tasks have meet your standards. At david media solutions we recognize that a business's website is always an on-going evolving project. For that reason we have no contracts and offer FREE web-maintenance for the first year with each website we create. In part, allowing you to make all the changes (free) you feel needed, along with giving you a progressive website with changing Advertisements, Announcements, Blog posts and galleries...

Get your customized website today. All it takes is one call to 1-(888)-950-4923 NOW! You can also use our convenient online Contact Form and we’ll get back to you promptly!

Content Writing-Website Cost

Content Writing:
When possible most content posted to a website comes from the best source, the client. When that content isn’t available david media solutions offers three content writers (Wordsmiths) who will research and develop content for any business’s website.  There’s an additional cost for content writing, contact us for a Free Quote.

Website Cost

What is the average price for a website?  
Since each Website is customized there is no average price. Every Website is priced to meet your needs, requirements, ideas, and Budget...

What does the total website price include?
Everything under the sun, so to speak, what others call accessories, Video, Logo Design, Flash banners and Titles, number of pages and on, and on. These are all included plus much more with every website we build.
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Client Benefits

* A Custom Website as unique as your business
* 24/7 Maintenance (Phone-Text-Email-Portal)
* 24/7 Support (Phone-Text-Email-Portal)
* Excellent Customer Service
* Budget Conscience
* Experienced Rural Business Specialists
* Urban & Rural Coherence
* Synergized Marketing
* Monthly Site Analytics/Analysis (In-person or Phone)
* Increased Sales
* FREE B2B Consulting (40 years Conventional & Digital)
* Centralized Services (Design-Hosting-Marketing...)
* Local Personalized Service and Support
* Personal Accountability
* Knowledgeable Staff (book smart - street smart) smart people
* We Offer, a good ear, patience and understanding


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