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At david media solutions we know you don’t have the time and resources to market your business online and that’s why we do it for you. We take a three-pronged approach that consists of both conventional and unconventional ideas, concepts
and strategies: * Power of Synergy (POS) * Conceptional Marketing * Collective Achievement

Connecting the Dots

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Whether you're seeking a Local - Regional - National or Global Presence

Advanced Technology

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Staying one step ahead of the competition by insuring your website format and marketing strategy
meets all current and is ready for the newest tech-format for the future without a blink or hiccup...

Additional Services

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Graphic Design - Logo Development - Branding - Professional Photography and Videography - Drone Photography - Brochures - Business Cards - Consulting - Marketing Plans Developed - Research - Apps - Client IT Services

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design at david media solutions is under the direction of Simon Tsosie. Simon trains and directs our staff to best use visual communication with a skillful combination of text and pictures in each Website Design project, Logo Design, Logo Re-design, Branding, advertisements, magazines (Digital), books (Digital), print publication (Business cards, brochures, flyers and promotional goods.)

At david media solutions we help clients bring their entire Branding full circle.


david media solutions Creative Studio' offers clients advance digital, professional, commercial web-based photography services. Our staff's eye for the slightest detail is what has led to some incredible client photography.
With today's competitive marketplace in digital and conventional marketing, the only difference and deciding factor between your website and the competition, can be your photography and or videography. There’s a difference between professional photography for a client website and conventional print-published photography for print and promo media. Both require a professional eye, but from very different points of view.  david media solutions for (17) years has provided photography for client websites. But not until now, have we offered it at the highest and most advanced digital and professional services available in the industry. Now available for non-website clients as well.

Our firm's advance technology, software, hardware, equipment, resources and support staff dedicated to Photo and video editing, bring david media solutions full-circle. From our early beginnings we've become a competitive alternative to extreme higher cost options and competitors.                                                                                                             
david media solutions offers photography and the mobility for location shooting for any client needing this specialty service.


Consultations and Quotes are always Free...CALL TODAY.      (888) 950-4923


Videography isn’t new to david media solutions, but our new advanced software, camera(s) and new dedicated staff are. Our experience in marketing and eye for the unique and original in videography can help set your website apart for all other competitors. Capturing the interest of such a wide variety of generational website visitors is not easy. But, that is exactly what we’re doing for clients at david media solutions Creative Studio, with our videography and photography.                                                              
For too many years, professional Web-based photography and videography has been out of the budget for many businesses small to large. But we promise, our price point for your specific photo and video need, is going to be well within your budget, and never compromising the quality and attention required to give your website a great product.

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Client Benefits

* A Custom Website as unique as your business
* 24/7 Maintenance (Phone-Text-Email-Portal)
* 24/7 Support (Phone-Text-Email-Portal)
* Excellent Customer Service
* Budget Conscience
* Experienced Rural Business Specialists
* Urban & Rural Coherence
* Synergized Marketing
* Monthly Site Analytics/Analysis (In-person or Phone)
* Increased Sales
* FREE B2B Consulting (40 years Conventional & Digital)
* Centralized Services (Design-Hosting-Marketing...)
* Local Personalized Service and Support
* Personal Accountability
* Knowledgeable Staff (book smart - street smart) smart people
* We Offer, a good ear, patience and understanding


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