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Bridging the gap between the ordinary and the
extraordinary in website design, services, support and full 360 marketing.

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At david media solutions we know you don’t have the time and resources to market your business online and that’s why we do it for you. We take a three-pronged approach that consists of both conventional and unconventional ideas, concepts
and strategies: * Power of Synergy (POS) * Conceptional Marketing * Collective Achievement

Connecting the Dots

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Whether you're seeking a Local - Regional - National or Global Presence

Advanced Technology

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Staying one step ahead of the competition by insuring your website format and marketing strategy meets all current and is ready for the newest tech-format for the future without a blink or hiccup...

Additional Services

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Graphic Design - Logo Development - Branding - Professional Photography and Videography - Drone Photography - Brochures - Business Cards - Consulting - Marketing Plans Developed - Research - Apps - Client IT Services

REFUND POLICY- david media solutions

Thank you for considering david media solutions for your new website and or marketing firm. We have a firm, No Refund Policy in place at david media solutions for the following reasons.

We use what is called the ‘Crazy Wavier Agreement’ as a substitute for a costly, binding Contractual Agreement. If we were to provide a Contractual Agreement for your website with time tables…etc. you’d pay more than 3 times the cost of our current cost for a Custom Website’s. It’s not necessary.

Because david media solutions immediately emerges into a client’s project and spends a wealth of time in Research and initial development, layout/design, graphics and much more prior to even receiving necessary information, photos and content from
any given client. Your cost, for any of our Custom Websites, would be absorbed immediately, by market industry estimates. Therefore, to maintain a price point policy affordable for all our urban and rural clientele in Arizona, we do not offer a refund or Contractual Agreement, but do provide the ‘Crazy Wavier Agreement’:  Shown Below:

Crazy Wavier Agreement

I’d have to be crazy not to be satisfied with my david media solutions Website. My david media solutions Representative David Schlatter and or Simon Tsosie has made it clear, my site is always an ongoing project and that within (30) business days I will have a working published website for my business. I understand, that I have (30) days to request additional changes to my site without cost.

I further understand that during the initial website development to publishing, each day of delay providing text, information, logos, photos, edited music, edited video and any special graphics will add an additional day to the publishing date holding harmless david media solutions from any liability, refunds or any Special offers. Because, david media solutions gives no refunds.

david media solutions: David Schlatter Confirm # XXXXXX

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Client’s Signature:

Date: ________________________


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David Schlatter Managing
General Partner: _______________________________

Simon Tsosie
Designer/Technical: _______________________________________