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Your Website Images

Your Website Images (Are they working for you)
September 19, 2019
David Schlatter

As I wrap up this week’s articles on enhancing your website with images, the topic of today is, ‘Your Website Images’ the Images themselves. On Monday I discussed ‘Enhance Your Website's Presentation for Today's Online Visitor’ and on Wednesday it was ‘Increase Your Website Search-ability with Images.

There are tens of thousands of Royalty Free Stock images that you can purchase for your website and they look great. But the best website images would be those of your own services, products, menu, properties for sale …etc. to localize, personalize and market in your Geo-demographic business target area. Photograph and or have a professional photograph images that reflect best, your business and the customers you are targeting.  

Your website imagery should include all demographics of the target market your wanting to cover. Example, targeting Mesa, Arizona. You wouldn’t want pictures of sail boats on the ocean. I’ve seen this, on a resort website page. The entire footer background is that of sail boats on the ocean. That doesn’t reflect Mesa Arizona. Your website images speak volumes about your services, products, menu and properties for sale, if you have the right images.

Having the right images on your website helps to eliminate clutter and minimizes a lot of over written content visitors may never read and quickly leave the site because of too much content to sort out. If your website’s analytics is showing a Bounce Rate of more than 30%, then this may be the case with your existing website.

I know your time is valuable, so I’m going to leave off here. I believe you get the point and hope the thoughts here, do you some good.

All the best and have a great day.