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Your Business Website Don’t Compromise

With Arizona’s economy re-opening this month, do not allow your business website to be compromised...
May 2, 2020
David Schlatter

With Arizona’s economy re-opening this month, do not allow your business website to be compromised with old content, images, SEO, old blog posts and pricing if you have e-commerce and or any kind of services and product pricing posted. Now is the time to login or contact your website designer/developer and or marketeer to update your business website.

Why? When the economy begins to re-open it will be a tsunami of new and old customers flooding the marketplace. I absolutely disagree, as do many of my clients with Governor Ducey’s re-opening assessment. The Governor believes 30% or more Arizonans will still be afraid of re-entering the marketplace once he allows for re-opening this month of May, I think that is bad information. The Governor while doing a good job overall, is using a Fortune 100 CEO as his source for reasoning on how to re-open Arizona’s economy. Yet there are over 550,000 small businesses in Arizona with over 298,300 that have no employees.

Frankly, a Fortune 100 CEO is the last person to be advising the Governor on how and when to re-open Arizona’s economy. Arizona is a melting pot of small business entrepreneurs that service clients not only in Arizona, but through-out America and for some, the world. The make-up of Arizona businesses is not the Fortune 500. The business environment in Arizona, makes it one of the best in America for businesses of any size. No, the Governors advise on what to expect when re-opening Arizona is wrong.

As a business owner, executive, realtor, broker…etc. You must be prepared because Arizonans are the epitome of resilient Americans. The wave of new and your old customers/clients will hit you like a tsunami as we re-open this month. So, be sure your Internet Presence is at its best with current content, pricing, products and services posted and that it is being picked-up by the Search Engines and indexed correctly.

NOTES: Sources for stats…AZ Commerce and Gaebler

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