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What Makes Your Website Mobile Ready – Friendly – Convert

What Makes Your Website Mobile Ready
March 4, 2020
David Schlatter

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about making your website Mobile Ready. I’m going to cover a lot of information, so I’ll spread it out over time. This will allow you to act on some of the Tips and ideas without being overwhelmed with too many options at once.

Let’s start with Font Size. As a rule, I use a 16pt font on Desktop website pages as well as on the Mobile version of the website. You spend good money for your website and marketing of services and or products, so website visitors should be able to without strain, read the information you provide and hopefully convert them into a new customer… I also use 25px spacing between lines and 10px padding for the Text Box the written content is in. This keeps the font from running edge to edge of any size mobile device and making for easier reading.


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