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Responsive Use - What Makes Your Website Mobile Ready

Responsive Use - What Makes Your Website Mobile Ready
March 12, 2020
David Schlatter

While most, if not all new websites built, are now Responsive as a standard. Many are not. Be sure yours is. Responsive is a website that regardless of the device it is viewed on, desktop, mobile or tablet the content stays the same, but the layout is displayed and arranged, based on the device size.

At david media solutions we go one step further using an enhanced version of Responsive called Flex. Allowing us to better align content on a website to be exactly as we want visitors to flow while on your website using a mobile device. It is important that visitors to your website have the same branded experience on your mobile business website as they are accustomed to on the Desktop version.

It’s fact that website visitors can become annoyed when visiting a business’s website on a mobile device only to have to spend more time trying to navigate to the same information, they had found earlier on the desktop version. This can cause a loss of business or at the very least, an irritable potential or existing customer.

Mobile friendly doesn’t mean your website just works on a mobile device. It means your website should flow and navigate as easily as it does on your business’s desktop website version. The way your desktop website is presented to the visitor is important to how it’s presenter to the mobile visitor as well. Your Website developer needs to be sure the experience on both desktop and mobile promote the same brand/Image your business requires for success.

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