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Part-2 - Is to REDO - 3-ways to help small businesses survive the Coronavirus

Part-2 - Is to REDO - 3-ways to help small businesses survive the Coronavirus
April 7, 2020
David Schlatter

Number 2 is REDO

Synonyms for REDO are redecorate, redesign, remake, remodel, renovate, revamp, revise and repeat…you get the point.

Global Entrepreneurship Network Board Chairman Jeff Hoffman used the word RETOOL and as a verb means to Revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving. Synonyms. revise shake up reorganize…

Having owned restaurants long ago I know what it’s like to never find the time to redecorate, remodel, revamp my menus and try new ideas. Or being a service-oriented business wanting to add new services, but couldn’t find the time to learn, train, equip and deploy. Or a gardener who has wanted to go from mowing lawns to light landscaping. An HVAC business adding on a new vendor, having time now to learn, train and deploy. Are you a Salon owner? Now may be the time to redecorate your salon with a new theme, up your product line and the list goes on. Construction businesses can literally retool, reorganize, replace while idled or somewhat idled during the COVID-19. Real estate offices also could redecorate, reorganize and rev up their marketing strategies, websites and more. Hire additional new agents, focusing on better website images for current properties and perhaps some Online training with agents and realtors via Online conferencing.

Frankly, all businesses during the COVID-19 should be revving-up their marketing strategies, some ideas, New and improved brochures, business cards, signage at the office-store-shop-boutique and on vehicles. Ads, and of course your business website. When COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed and eventually gone, be prepared, because your competition will be.

Regardless of your business type and or industry, don’t sit around waiting for life to return to normal. Do your best with what you have and REDO and for some RETOOL. Be ready to meet the challenges of life and business returning to normal and or a new normal. Re-brand yourself if that is needed. Maybe, look at business after COVID-19 as a restart utilizing your gifts and skills to come out of this economic shutdown as someone and something REDONE…BETTER.

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