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Is Your Website Ready?

Your Website’s Online Presence is the gatekeeper.
June 17, 2020
David Schlatter

The game is on, businesses across Arizona are doing their best to make up for lost sales and new clients vital to a recovery from the COVID-19 Economic Shutdown. Sustainability is not an option. Quick injection and growth are what is needed for most small to large businesses to survive.

Your Website’s Online Presence is the gatekeeper.  The first impression of your business is your website 95% of the time. It is also your most important tool for servicing customers, exclamation mark, as proven by the COVID-19 lockdown.

The question is. Did your website meet the challenges put upon it by the COVID-19 shutdown/lockdown? If you are not sure or it was clearly an epic fail, then I can help. It is certain much about how we do business from here forward has changed and will continue so in the months ahead.  

Talking with your website developer and marketeer is important. Getting across to them the image/brand you are needing in a Post COVID-19 world is essential.  Additionally, your website developer and marketeer can explain what is available to enhance your business website’s ability to better serve existing customers and convert online visitors into new customers and sales.

All the best…If I can be of service, do not hesitate to call today.