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Increase Your Website Search-ability with Images

Alt Tags are like the old Polaroid pictures
September 17, 2019
David Schlatter

Increase Your Website Search-ability with image Alt Tags. Placing your image to the top of the page, you could see a huge traffic increase. After you’ve taken a great photo or constructed a brilliant diagram, add it to your site, then select the image adding an ‘Alt Tag’ and describe the photo in 4-5 words.

Alt Tags are like the old Polaroid pictures…after the camera prints the photo, you would turn the picture over and immediately write the date, who’s in the picture and maybe a short description of the event, location…etc. The Alt Tag is written on the back side of your digital photo or graphic. Then Search Engine crawlers go through your website the grabbing the picture and Alt Tag information indexing it into Google’s potential search results based on the Alt Tag writing.

Add alt tags to all your images in this way, describing the image in a short sentence. This will help search engines associate your site with particular-Key Phrases & Keywords and subjects. You may also get traffic from searches via Google Images. Google Images can be better than an Instagram or Facebook post, why, because your potential customers are searching Google or any other number of search engines to find a place to eat, a home to buy, a product or service for their need. The power of your website’s images/photos and their Alt Tags is undervalued and often looked over.

Hope this Helps