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Get Ready - Get Set – GO - Arizona and America's Economic Re-Opening

Get Ready - Get Set – GO - Don't Let the Parade Pass You By
April 21, 2020

Get Ready - Get Set – GO

Ready, Set, Go…Having been a long-distance runner in high school and college, ready, set and go have been for me, strong focal points when approaching new challenges and or goals and projects. Each point, Ready, Set, Go being a center of activity or interest in beating a challenge and or accomplishing a Goal or Project.

As we begin to see the Government’s approach to re-opening our economy in Arizona, it is now time to Get Ready, Get Set then GOOOOOOO! Don’t be content or stagnant during the limited economic shutdown. Get Ready now for business’s re-opening, before the ‘parade passes you by.’

Get Your Website Ready…Now is not the time to skimp on your business website and I don’t mean monetarily. Don’t skimp on time spent updating, improving and engineering your website into the most important asset you have for marketing your business. And I add, your website is the least expensive asset you have in promoting your business’s services and or products.

For thousands of businesses in Arizona, post COVID-19 could bring about major cost savings by simply following the recommendations above with regards to your website. Real Estate agencies can reduce office space saving on rent with more use of telecommuting agents/realtors. Salons can sell product online and embrace interactive online appointment scheduling from their website allowing for limited staff time in store and reduced store space. By using website chat and teleconferencing from your business website, salons can pre-appointment decide on hair styles, colors and more. The same applies with Doctor offices, dentists, boutiques and most businesses of all types. Better secure online Forms can save money and time for both, your business and the potential client. I see these and more saving ways with my clients in all industries, of all types when the website is optimized for visitor information, interaction and conversions.

Reach-out to your website developer or designer for ways to accomplish whatever it may take to improve upon your client and potential customer’s website experience. Discuss your website’s strengths and weaknesses, your site’s opportunities for converting visitors to new customers and threats from competition, (SWOT) analysis for your business’s website. Use your website’s SWOT to Get Ready. It’s your starting point for creating the Best Internet Presence your business has ever had. Now is the time to do this, not after the economy re-opens and you find your competitors acted on Get Ready, Get Set, Go…before you.

You’ve no website currently and or you’re not getting the help and service you need from your current website developer/designer. I’m always here to help and or serve.

Next post I’ll discuss…Get Set.