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Enhance Your Website's Presentation for Today's Online Visitor

Does Your Website Photography Enhance Your Image and Brand?
September 16, 2019
David Schlatter

I know that you know, the first impression a potential customer has of your business services, products, properties for sale and menu…is your Website (Internet Presence). This is true 99.9% of the time, it’s a documented fact, a customer, potential customer, will use Google or any number of other smaller search engines to locate your specific business and or a competitor. So, when I say, that the only difference between your website and the competition’s may be only the photography, I mean, it may be only the photography.

Your website’s pictures of business services, products, properties for sale and menu express in greater terms the essence of what you are selling.  While written content is Important to the Search Engines when they crawl and index your business website. Equally, your website pictures are important to capturing your website visitor’s interest and to dig deeper into your business website.

Cell phone photo quality is good. However, with High Definition and 4k Computer and Mobile Device Display Screens, there’s no substitute for an image from a professional camera. Followed up with editing done in Studio, can give to your property, menu, products and business services’ photos. Chances are, your current website will display better with an HDR-Raw photo than one from the cell phone. Be assured, many of your competitors may already know this and are presenting their properties at a higher standard.

Take the time to put quality presentation, into your website’s presentation with quality photography. For real estate clients this also means a better image posted to the ARMLS and FLEX/MLS systems where potential clients view the gallery of home listings posted by realtors, besides on their websites. For restaurants, photography is their initial swan song for driving potential new and existing customers to their restaurant. Service oriented and product driven businesses also need to make that all important first impression to the online visitor with photography that praises the image/brand of your successful business.  

With the emergence of digital gaming, the last three generations have been immersed into visual communication over the written word. And over time, that visual communication has evolved into amazing imagery. That same quality imagery presentation is required on your business website. Or risk a lack-luster first impression and losing your visitor in the first 15-20 seconds of arriving onto your business’s website.  Have you seen your websites analytics? What’s your site’s Bounce Rate, Visitor time spent…etc. Is it time to bring your website into the 21st century with renewed presentation and SEO capabilities? I’ll be sharing more tips and recommendations over the next five days.

Hoping this helps…