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3-ways to help small businesses survive the Coronavirus

3-ways to help small businesses survive the COVID-19
April 2, 2020
David Schlatter

I was listening to Global Entrepreneurship Network Board Chairman Jeff Hoffman share his tips for small businesses during the coronavirus, which includes repurposing, retooling and redeploying resources.

However, as a day to day small businessman, self-employed freelancer of a boutique Website Design and full 360 Internet Marketing firm. I have some simpler and layman ideas using a different approach to Jeff Hoffman’s 3-Rs.

So, not to consume much of your valued time. I will present my 3-Rs over the next week in three different postings.


2) RE-DO



You are the owner of a unique business, whether it be a hair salon, real estate broker or agent, restaurateur, manufacturer, service oriented or construction business…Or any other type of unique and in genius self-employed business, in Arizona and elsewhere in the USA.

I believe God gave each of you a unique skill set that you’ve applied to building a great and successful business. Yet, none of us were prepared for the challenges brought on by COVID-19. And I hope, all of you and your families are well personally.

Rethink your skill set(s). If you are fortunate and don’t have to burn down and rise from the ashes into a new identity, as the Phoenix of mythology. Then rethink, as you may have all-ready done, how to best serve the customers you have. Example, restaurants converting from dine-in only to now take-out only.  From in-store retail to Only Online retail, Hair Salon to limited staff and spacing. Better Online scheduling apps on your website, restaurants with better Online menus and ordering. Service companies with online scheduling and online form submissions for ease of customer interaction.  I could go on. But frankly you have the best ideas your-self. Take some time, RETHINK a better wheel and then better your website’s online presence, interaction with customers, online forms, and creativity. Use the least expensive, yet most important tool you have in your business’s challenge before, during and after the COVID-19.

RETHINK, other Geo-demographic target markets you can expand to, creating new potential business opportunities, what ever you gain, is something, better than nothing. Perhaps there are other products, services and items you’ve wanted to try.  Creating a new targeted clientele, at least for the short term. On the other hand, you may find a new clientele, that may turn out to be a permanent future for your business’s direction.


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